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Job Pool is all about making sure that YOU effectively with Warp speed connect and match Job Seekers and Hoteliers. A match making platform that will make it simple and easy to connect anyone who seeks a Job abroad to upload seamlessly their basic information thereby enabling both Jobseeker and Hotelier to connect simply through our App. Job pool is in fact a match making tool that will quickly connect Job seekers and Hoteliers. Hoteliers will have the opportunity to advertise their Job openings in a simple and quick way by posting photos of their Hotel in conjunction with their Job Vacancy. Our platform will match the different Vacancies together with the Job seeker and exchange contact details for candidates that the Hotelier deems suitable.

Do you want a job in the sun?

Here are some testemonials from our jobseekers

"Thanks to Job Poole I’m now working abroad in the sun doing my dream job."


"Feeling beyond grateful for Jobpool that I have been able to live my dream job in the sun, whilst exploring and experiencing new places!"


"Mi nombre es Miguel Carlos, soy de México y actualmente formo parte de TMC ENTERTAINMENT como Cantante/Bailarín haciendo performance en Egipto desde ya casi un año y me siento contento, tengo el respaldo de la compañía y la libertad de expresar cualquier cosa con los gerentes. Una gran experiencia y sobretodo, el ambiente de trabajo es muy agradable!"

Miguel Carlos

“Thanks to jobpool I had the opportunity to work in the sun and do my dream job. I have made many friends and lots of memories! Thank you jobpool”


“Job Pool gave me the most incredible opportunity of working in the sun everyday, making amazing friends and creating beautiful memories! “


Hello I’m Samuel and I’ve worked in Egypt twice now as a singer on the Desert Rose Showteam. I would absolutely recommend anyone to go for this job, especially if you love going on Holiday and performing every night! If you love the sun, imagine working in abroad. It’s a dream waking up every morning to blue skies and beautiful palm trees. Performing every night on this high quality showteam has been vital in my career and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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